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Second Chance Pass (Virgin River, Book 5)

Second Chance Pass - Robyn Carr Book #5 in the Virgin River series by Robyn Carr. I love this series, it's one of the few series that I read because I love the books and not because I'm addicted to them. I love the richness and the closeness of the small town folks of Virgin River and I love how Robyn Carr incorporates the entire town into all of these books.As much as I love this series, this is the first book that I can't seem to get over by Robyn Carr. I wanted to enjoy this book because I enjoyed Paul in the previous books. I enjoyed seeing that he was in love with his best friend's wife and I even rooted a bit for them because it seemed like Paul should finally get the woman in the end but months after Matt died? That didn't sit well with me. Other things that didn't sit well with me was how Matt's own mother was trying to set Vanni up MONTHS after her son died. You know, HER son that Vanni was married to.It all just rang of the ick factor to me and I was not a fan of that one bit. I could have done with a longer wait on both Paul and Vanni's part (I mean Paul's waited this long, a few more months of mourning his best friend would have made more sense to me) but in the end, I was happy that these two got together. I was happy that Paul finally got his happy ending because he deserved it. He was such a strong character to me in the other books that I was ready to see him get his reward for being so patient.As much as I enjoyed these two getting together, Vanni was a real trial to read about. She frustrated the heck out of me. The way she jumped to conclusions with every little thing made me want to choke her out. Her red headed temper got on my nerves and for a while, I just flat out didn't like her.I think I spent more time in this book being mad at both Paul and Vanni. The whole situation with their best friends pissed me off. I hated the way they both treated Joe after the wedding. I hated how they didn't have any kind of faith in Joe and even though Paul came around, I was pissed off that Paul had to even second guess Joe in the first place. He knows Joe, he knows the kind of guy Joe is and I hated how he didn't stand by Joe when Vanni was pissed to high heaven at him and because of all the shit that Joe went through after the wedding made me hate Vanni's best friend. If she ends up being Joe's heroine, I'm mighty curious to see how RC will write her character to redeem her in my eyes.Even though this book was Paul and Vanni's story, we got to see a lot of the other folks in Virgin River. We've got little side stories of Jack and Mel and then the General gets a little friend, Tom and Brenda....and then we get to see Rick again. I think that was my favorite part of this book was getting to see Rick all grown up (well all 19 years old grown up) and trying to make something of his life. I loved seeing how he was doing and I love the build up that we're getting of his story which will come in a few months. Woot, I can't wait for that one!It would have been nice to see more of Mike and Brie's pregnancy because of all the couples in Virgin River, I feel like I know them the least. It would be nice to see those two settled in their own house and finding out what kind of fights they're getting into now. I know that we're seeing a bit of Mike because of the whole weed grower but it would be really nice to see some more Mike and Brie page time. I'd even like to see some more Preach and Paige page time too. I guess, I'd like to see more of everyone instead of so much of Jack and Mel, as much as I love those two...I'm on a Jack and Mel overkill right now.As a whole, this book wasn't bad but there were a lot of things that bothered me in this book. Vanni, the not waiting a little bit longer thing, Vanni, not enough other folks of Virgin River but even with all of those things that bothered me with the book, I didn't hate this book. Robyn Carr still does a fantastic job of sinking you into the small town of Virgin River. She still does a tremendous job of making you feel apart of the community and not merely observing it from afar and it was that part of the book that allowed me to overlook my many annoyances with Vanni. After finishing this book, I immediately wanted to pick up Temptation Ridge and I can't wait until I get a chance to actually do that.