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Review: Some Like It Hot by Susan Andersen

Some Like It Hot - Susan Andersen

This is the second book in the Razor Bay/Bradshaw Brothers series by Susan Andersen. It follows Max Bradshaw as he stumbles again and again to his happily ever after.


Max is the Deputy Sheriff for the small town of Razor Bay and he’s one of those do-gooder types. When he’s not making sure the town of Razor Bay is safe (from mostly, the drunks), he’s volunteering his time at the center, helping teenage boys stay out of trouble.Max was a complex character. He had some things that he was working through. A relationship forming with the brother he hated growing up. A bitter mother who never really moved on from his father leaving them and an attraction to a girl that was always on the move. He wanted stability in his life. He wanted roots and he wanted to share his life with someone who wanted the same things. And even though he knew that getting involved with Harper Summerville wasn’t going to give him those things, he still fell anyway. Sometimes you can’t run from things and he couldn’t run from Harper.


Harper lives her life on the go. She’s got that travel bug and she got it from her Dad. They moved around a lot when she was younger and while her mother wanted to plant roots, Harper was happy to see the world and meet new people every chance that she got. That didn’t stop when her father died and she got older (much to her mother’s chagrin). She just kept right on traveling for her job with the foundation her father set up and that job has sent her to Razor Bay.The first book in this series was Max’s brother Jake’s book and I enjoyed that one. I enjoyed it well enough that I was curious about this story. While I’m not particularly pissed off that I read this book, I wasn’t exactly blown away by it either.


I liked Max and Harper fine. I just wasn’t as wrapped up in their story as I had hoped to be. The story itself was fine, the characters were fine. Max and Harper were fine…but that was it. It was easy to put this book down and read other things, which is why it took me so long to read this one.I liked getting to know Max and I liked that he knew what he wanted and didn’t apologize for it. I liked that when he laid things out for Harper, he stuck to his guns and left it up to her to make the choice to stay with him or take him with her.


Harper was more of a blah character to me. I didn’t really find her all that interesting. I was kind of hoping that we’d get more from Max’s mother, some kind of resolution so I was disappointed that she kind of just faded into the background but I wasn’t too mad about that.There’s a new character that is introduced in this book and he’s introduction has definitely got me all curious about the next book so I’ll probably be checking that book out. Even though I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I thought I would, I still enjoyed it.


Grade: 3 out of 5


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