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Fire Inside (Chaos, #2) - Kristen Ashley Kristen Ashley is fast becoming one of my favorite authors. This is the third book that I’ve read by her and while I’m not the super fan that Ames and Holly are (yet), I still love the hell out of her books and this book wasn’t an exception. I really liked Hop and Lanie’s story and that surprised me because when we first met Hop in Own the Wind, he made not a blip on my swoonworthy radar.After reading this book, I really could have kicked myself for not paying more attention to Hop. Because he seriously rocked my socks in this one. I liked him so much more than I thought I would.So this book follows Lanie Heron and Hop Kincaid to their happily ever after. Lanie is best friends with the wife to the President of Hop’s motorcycle club. She’s family. You don’t mess with family and you don’t hurt family. Those are the rules but when Lanie approaches Hop and asks him for one night of hot and sweaty sex, Hop knows that he should say no and walk away but it’s Lanie freaking Heron. Lanie is one hot piece of ass. She’s hot as all get out and Hop’s had a boner for her for a long time. So of course, he agrees. And after its all said and done, of course he wants more.And of course she does too.Something that was supposed to end after one night becomes something more than either of them were prepared for and I loved reading about all of it. I loved the way that Hop kept coming back for more. I thought it was hilarious that Lanie thought she could walk away from it all like nothing. But what I loved most about it all was the relationship that bloomed from that one night. Seeing Hop bring Lanie into his life, showing her each and every single day how she fit right into his life and how he wanted her there was just too freaking cute. Seeing him help Lanie come into her own and loving her all the while had me sighing all over the damn place. Hop is one of those heroes that I won’t forget because he was over the top great and the more I read of this book, the more I came to love him.For me, Hop made this story. He was my favorite thing about this one. I loved getting to know him, seeing him come to life through these pages and I loved seeing him with his kids. I loved that he wasn’t perfect and was okay with it and I really loved the way that he came to love Lanie.Lanie was pretty great too even though there were quite a few times when I wanted to smack her upside her head for being so dramatic but in the end? I thought she was pretty fantastic and thought her and Hog made such a great couple.This book isn’t perfect, it came with a lot of drama and a lot of off the wall crap but I’m not mad that I read it. I loved it all anyway. It had that great Kristen Ashley splash of drama that kept the story going and I really enjoyed the ride. I can’t wait for the next book and I’m really crossing my fingers that we’re going to get Rush’s book. I really want to get to know him.Grade: 4.5 out of 5This review was originally posted on Book Binge.