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The Forever of Ella and Micha - Jessica Sorensen Once I received this book for review, I couldn't start it fast enough. I had just finished reading The Secret of Ella and Micha and I had grown so close to these characters that I didn't want my interactions with them to end. This book follows not too long after the end of The Secret of Ella and Micha.Ella's back in school and Micha is on the road with his band, doing the whole tour thing. They're both young so there's a lot of insecurity going around and a lot of, "I trust you, I just don't trust them" going on and at times it was annoying but for the most part, I understood and was okay.But there are a lot of things that annoyed me in this book. It annoyed me that both Ella and Micha are forever trying to save each other grief by trying to handle their issues on their own, not wanting to burder each other with the madness that is their lives. I wanted to shake them both because that's what you do when you love someone. You're there for them through the good times but especially through the bad times. You also let the ones you love the most, be there for you.In The Secret of Ella and Micha, one of my favorite things about the book was Micha intense and consuming love that he has for Ella. Miles and time didn't stop him from loving the hell out of her and he loved her so much that he didn't care who knew it and he didn't care how long it took him, he was going to get her to love him back because even though she didn't know it, he knew that she loved him back. In this book, Micha's love for Ella was still evident and going strong but Ella's inability to love him back, the way that I wanted her to love him back really frustrated me for a lot of the book.That was really the stem of where my frustrations with this book came from. I mean, even though I knew that Ella was aware that she couldn't love Micha the way that he deserved and even though she was working on getting better for him, some of her methods drove me bat freaking crazy. And Micha didn't help either, his jealousy where Blake was concerned annoyed the heck out of me since Blake did let Ella borrow his car to drive to L.A. to freaking see Micha. I didn't really know what to expect from this book but I was so happy to be getting a little more from a bunch of characters that I've come to care about that I wanted to read it anyway. I don't really think another book was necessary but that didn't stop me from inhaling this book once I got it.In this book, we get a lot more drama between Ella and Micha and while it ends the way that I was hoping it'd end, there were times when I was frustrated but still, I love the cast of characters and I'm more than a little anxious for Ethan and Lilah's book. Oh man, I can't wait for them to get together. October 8th cant get here soon enough to suit me. Even with my frustrations with Ella, I still enjoyed this book a lot so I still recommend this book.This review was originally posted on The Book Scoop by me.