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I'm Rowena and I blog at Book Binge. I read lots of romance, YA and lately, NA. You'll find a lot of those on my shelves.

Natural Born Angel - Scott Speer I enjoyed this book a lot more than I was prepared for. The world that Speer creates for these characters was interesting and yet, familiar. I enjoyed meeting Maddy and Jacks, their struggles are totally different but really easy to fall into.I'll definitely be reading the first book (because yeah, I didn't read it yet) and I can't freaking wait until the next book.I'm hoping Jacks and Maddy will patch things up because, well...I heart them two! Sorry, other guy.This was an enjoyable book with characters that I wanted to hug close and smack upside their head at the same time. Still, I enjoyed it and can't wait for more.