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I'm Rowena and I blog at Book Binge. I read lots of romance, YA and lately, NA. You'll find a lot of those on my shelves.

Wrecked - Shiloh Walker I started reading this book because my friend Holly told me I'd enjoy it. I'm not surprised that she was right but I am surprised that this is the first Shiloh Walker book that I've read. I need to fix that because I really enjoyed her writing style in this book.I adore the best friends to true love story line and I thought Walker did a great job of pulling us along in Zach and Abby's story. I adored both the hero and the heroine in this book and thought the chemistry between them was great.I'm intrigued by the other characters introduced in this book. I need to get digging and find out if there are other books in this series because I'm interested in reading them.I'd definitely recommend this book to lovers of contemporary romances. This was a good one.