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The One That Got Away - Kelly Hunter It's hard to review this book because it wasn't a bad book but man was it hard to connect with both the hero and the heroine. Logan and Evangeline have a history together, a very short history but a history that has stayed with them all this time. Their history involves a bed, in a hotel and no clothes. Evie was young and inexperienced but her time with Logan showed her that she might be ruined for other men and when he left her high and dry, she never forgot him.So fast foward to now and Evie owns a contracting business with ....Logan's brother. Did she know that Max's brother Logan was her Logan? No but when she finds that out, she's pretending to be Max's fiance' so that they can get their hands on Max's inheritance for their company. As you can tell, the chemistry is still pretty intense between Logan and Evie, even though Logan makes it known that he wants nothing to do with Evie or the chemistry buzzing between them.The way Logan acted and reacted to just about everything in this book annoyed me, mostly because while I understood it, I didn't understand him. I didn't understand why he was such an ass to Evie if he was so sorry for losing control the way that he did all those years ago. If you don't want to lose control like that again then stay away from her. Since you didn't stay away from her, be nice. His attitude toward his mother was justified but his attitude toward Evie wasn't. Yeah, he came around and it was a long battle but it wasn't a battle that I cared for.But aside from Logan's bad attitude and his inability to just bang Evie and be done with it, this book was good. I really liked Max, sometimes more than Logan but eventually I did come to like both Logan and Evie so I'm glad for that. I'm curious enough about this author that I would give her a try but as far as this book, it was good but not my favorite read of the month.Grade: 3 out of 5This review was originally posted on Book Binge.