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True - Erin McCarthy I wasn't quite sure what to expect when opening this book, since I've heard conflicting things about this book. Some really liked it, some couldn't get into it and some didn't like it. I was a little slow to warm up to getting this book read because of those conflicting reports but now that I've gone ahead and read it for myself, I wasn't too disappointed in the reading experience.This book follows Rory and Tyler on their journeys to finding themselves and coming together as a couple. They're both in college and they're both going through different issues but I really liked the both of them, together. I didn't not like them apart but I thought that together, they were pretty fantastic. It was kind of heartbreaking, getting to know Tyler and seeing into his background. Seeing the person that he was and the issues that he faced on a daily basis. To come out of all of that as a genuinely good person, I really liked. In fact, Tyler was probably my favorite part of this entire book. His life was raw and it was real and he wasn't perfect but he made do with what he had and he tried every day to make life a little better for his brothers, who were stuck with his no-good mother. I really liked that Rory embraced Tyler's family and wanted to do her part in helping U and Easton have a bit more sunshine then they were used to.As much as I liked this book, there were a few things that rubbed me the wrong way. Like, when we first meet Rory- she's almost raped while she's waiting for her two friends to finish getting their bang on with their friends (Tyler was one of the guys that was getting laid by Rory's friend and roommate which bothered some of my friends but not me.) and when Tyler steps in to save Rory, he tells the friends what happened and they get all pissed off on Rory's behalf (as they should) but when Rory wants to go home, they don't go with her. They're like, "Oh, well I'm going to crash here but you go home and get some rest." WTF? Rory is visibly still shaken up about what happened and they're sending her home...ALONE? What's wrong with them? Over the course of the book, there's no denying that her friends love her and want what's best for her but they're completely selfish and it was hard for me to like them. Which should be interesting, considering the next book in this series is Jessica's book...with Tyler's brother? Interesting, indeed.Overall, I enjoyed this book but it didn't come without it's share of frustrations. I'm not at all mad that I read this book but it's not my favorite read either. Still, I liked it enough to still be interested in reading the next book.Grade: 3.5 out of 5This review was originally posted on Book Binge.