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Guarding a Notorious Lady - Olivia Parker First and foremost, I thought this book was too cute for words. I mean, I love the whole brother's best friend falls for the sister love stories and this was definitely one of them. Rosalind has had more marriage offers than she knows what to do with but she's refused every single one of them because she's in love with someone who doesn't know that she's alive.......at least as far as she's concerned.But Nicholas knows she's alive and really, each year Rosalind kills him a little more with how tempting she is to him. He can't go after her because she's his friend's sister and because he owes the Gabriel a favor, he agrees to watch over Rosalind while Gabriel goes on his honeymoon. Nicholas is a country boy at heart and going to the city isn't something he's looking forward to but when Rosalind and her meddling heart gets into trouble at every turn, it is Nicholas who comes to her rescue time and time again.Watching the two of these guys come together in love was just so much fun. Parker did a wonderful job of drawing their romance out and I ate it all up. From Nicholas being continually exasperated with Rosalind and Rosalind being just as exasperated and confused with Nicholas, it all made for some entertaining reading time. I adored each and every single scene that these two were in because they literally lit up the pages.This book was so much fun and I cannot wait to read more from this author. She is fast becoming one of my go to authors and she can't write books fast enough to please me. I enjoyed this book and definitely recommend it to anyone who is in the mood for a fabulous historical romance with a swoonworthy hero and a heroine that is too fun for words.