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Kathryn, The Kitten: The Real Duchesses of London - Lavinia Kent Kathryn, the Kitten is the first installment to the Real Duchesses of London series. The series will feature novella's for a cast of characters that are introduced in Kathryn, the Kitten and I'm curious to see how it will all come together.This book features Kathryn, the Duchess of Harrington. To the world, Kathryn has it all. She has the looks, the house, the husband but Kathryn doesn't feel perfect. She had a miscarriage and her husband hasn't come to her bed in three months and she wants all of that to change. She wants to try again to have another baby, to fulfill her duty as the Duchess and secure an heir for her husband. More than anything, Kathryn wants to connect with her husband. She was taught to do her duty but she's lonely and wants the company of her husband.Being an innocent came as a complete surprise to me because she'd been married to Robert but innocent, she was. Kathryn does what any normal woman would do when they want to learn more about how to please their husband. She goes to her friend, Linnette. Linnette is a widow and hasn't lived her life as a monk since her husband died so who better to teach her how to please a man than Linnette?Right before Kathryn is to seduce (and succeed) her husband, she learns some unsettling news that pissed her the hell off. Well, first she was hurt but then she got good and pissed. This is when the story jumped off for me. It jumped off because this is finally where Robert and Kathryn finally communicate. All of the misunderstandings came together and seeing Robert and Kathryn finally talking to one another instead of tip toeing around each other brought about a sense of relief in me because goodness, how the heck were they going to resolve anything without talking?This story was short but it wasn't boring. Introductions are made, future stories are baited and Kent did a great job of weaving it all together into one short story. I would have liked to see more of Robert because at the end of the story, he was still a stranger to me. It would have been nice to see more Robert and Kathryn, but overall I still enjoyed the story. I'm looking forward to reading the other stories as well so we'll see how it all turns out.One thing I really loved was the part where Robert and Kathryn finally talk and they just finished getting busy and Kathryn wonders aloud at what made her so mad at Robert before she came home, Robert's reply to her was priceless and super hot! He said, "I. Do. Not. Care." He punctuated each word with a kiss.That had me grinning for the rest of the afternoon. Overall, it was a great introduction to a new series but it did leave me wanting more from the hero.