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Sixteenth Summer - Michelle Dalton It's summer time on Dune Island and Anna has got ants in her pants. She's restless and not quite sure why she feels the way she does. She loves the island but she's also longing for adventure, somewhere in the big city. Her two best friends Sam and Caroline have gotten together and are officially a couple which kind of weirds her out because she's not used to seeing them all lovey dovey with each other and try as she might, she can't stop feeling left out of whatever they've got going on.So what do you do to cure yourself of all of the weirdness going on with your friends? You get yourself a boyfriend, duh!Anna meets Will one night on the beach and it's almost cute the way that they stare at each other. Will is a shoobie, a summer tourist and he's like to do all of the touristy things around town which is something that Anna and her townie friends frown upon. But Anna can't help it, she doesn't care what she does as long as it's with Will.Watching Anna and Will's relationship blossom was such a treat. They were too cute and I loved that the way their romance was so normal. It's the kind of romance that you'd likely hear from someone you met in real life. Dalton did a great job of showing the reader that even normal people can have great romances. This book was about summer romances and even though they're short and passionate, they're still real and memorable.The worries Anna had about the end of the summer were all so real and the author did a wonderful job of making me sympathize with Anna instead of wanting to beat her for ruining a perfect summer romance. She was upfront with what worried her and she had those normal teenage worries that made me sigh and think back on my past summer romances.Will was a great love interest. I thought he was adorable and the way that he loved Anna was too freaking cute. He wasn't this perfect boy who had all the answers and was the popular boy on the beach, he was just Will and I adored him.This is the perfect summer read. It's got a cute romance, characters that will have you smiling all through out the book and it's a fast read. There wasn't any time for it to lag so all around, it was a great story! I enjoyed it a lot. Read this book if you're in the mood for something light and summery with cute boys in it. This one fits that bill!This review was originally posted by Rowena at The Book Scoop.