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The Julian Game - Adele Griffin ...This book was on my monthly wish list from this month and I was lucky enough to nab one from the author (thanks Adele!) and I was so excited to read it. It took me no time at all to read this book because it was one of those fast reads.I'm all about the happy ending and I was happy that in this case, the book ended the way it was supposed to end. I'm really glad to have grown up in the town that I grew up and for having gone to the high school that I went to because the people in my town were nice and the people that I went to high school with were also very nice. Of course we had our problems with fighting and what not but there weren't any bullies. Ella Parker was a bully and to make matters worse, she was an unhinged bully and that mixture just does not mix well at all.This story follows Rae Archer as she maneuvers her way through a new school where all she wants is to get into the IT crowd, with the popular folks. She finally gets her in when the most popular girl in school, Ella Parker, asks her for help with Chinese. One crazy study session puts into place a revenge plot that has Rae squirming in her seat at the same time that she's totally curious about how everything will play out. The revenge is on Ella's ex boyfriend, Julian Kilgarry.The games begin and as Rae starts to get to know Julian, she starts to realize that maybe the whole revenge thing is going too far. Lots of things pop off and well, let's just say that you have to read it to believe it. LOL.Griffin did a great job of delving into Rae's story. The world she created for these characters felt real and even if I've never come across anything like the bullying going on in this book, everything was still believable...To read the full review, please visit http://thebookscoop.com