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Falling for You - Jill Mansell ...This is a modern day Romeo and Juliet tale where we have our fair heroine, Maddy Harvey and our swoon worthy hero Kerr, meeting and falling in love without really knowing what's what. You see, they meet while Maddy only has one contact in her eye and also at night time. Kerr doesn't recognized because our fair Maddy was quite the ugly duckling when they were younger but she's grown into a beautiful swan over the years and when they meet again in the day light hours, they realize who they are and that a match between them could never happen because Maddy's mother HATES Kerr's family with everything inside her and Kerr knows exactly why.Over time, Maddy and Kerr try unsuccessfully to stay away from each other but they're in love and before Maddy knows whats what, they're trying their hand at a relationship, hoping that it will fizzle out but when that doesn't happen, they decide to keep their love a secret from everyone in their world.Only we all know what happens with secrets? They always have a way of coming out and when it does, Maddy does what every daughter does when faced with a loved ones hurt feelings.She lets Kerr go for good, even though it hurts her.*sigh*The thing that bothered me about this book was how fiercely Marcella hated the McKinnon and while she had ample reasons to hate them, I thought it was pretty unfair to both Kerr and to Maddy. Kerr wasn't responsible for what happened that night so long ago and Maddy was in love. It wasn't just a passing fancy for her, it was real and it was true and Marcella made her give it up and because Maddy loved her mother and didn't want any complications at her doorstep, she walked away from the best thing that ever happened to her.For her love for her family.That Marcella would let Maddy make that kind of sacrifice and make Maddy feel like she betrayed her family pissed me to high heaven because I would NEVER do that to Brenna. NEVER. You can't help who you fall in love with Maddy tried to stay away from Kerr but the heart wants what it wants and I cannot believe the sainted Marcella would put the sins of one person onto another person's back.Pissed me right off...To read the full review, please visit http://thebookscoop.com