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The Fool's Girl - Celia Rees ...It took me over 6 days to read this book which is surprising because it hardly ever takes me that long to read any book but for some reason, it was hard to get over the first half of this book. The descriptions of each scene and each setting is so great that the words just drip off the pages. The good thing about that was it was very easy to picture the different places that were mentioned in the book like the Duchessa's beach and Maria's small and sparse home, I was right there with them.Rees did a wonderful job of making the reader connect with the characters. I think, for me, that is what saved this book. One of the things that will guarantee that I enjoy a book is writing characters that will resonate with me and I totally connected with Violetta. I felt for her plight and I was rooting her on to complete her mission successfully. Over the course of this book, I came to like William Shakespeare for his role in helping Violetta and Feste, even though I would have understood him walking away from them. I enjoyed getting to know Feste and even Guido and Stephano. For a lot of the book, I'm on the fence about Staphano but alls well that ends well and by the end of the book, I was sure of him and his love for Violetta.I guess my issues with the book stems from the wordy-ness of it. Yes, I know that wordy-ness isn't a word but I can't think of another word to describe what I mean. While apart of me understood the need for all of the wordy descriptions, the other part of me kept saying in my head, "Alright, I get it...all those words to describe them arriving at the beach" and I just wanted to get on with the story. ...To read the full review, please visit http://thebookscoop.com