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This Lullaby - Sarah Dessen ...His name was Dexter and he was a musician. Musicians were a big no-no in Remy's book because her father was a musician and he wasn't Remy's favorite person. He wrote a song for called This Lullaby and she didn't like the song. It reminded her of her mother's revolving door on husbands and the song helped shape the person that Remy grew up to be.Watching Remy's last summer at home unravel before my eyes was interesting. The thing about Sarah Dessen books are they're not wild and crazy with plot twists at outrageous settings. They're everyday story lines featuring everyday Americans. I adore this about her. These books could have very well been someone's story. Everyone who grew up in the good ol' US of A will connect and see themselves in one of Dessen's characters.Dexter was so good for Remy and everyone was aware of the change in Remy. That change went along way to improving Remy's attitude and though it came with a lot of fighting it, she came through it all in the end and I was happy for that. Remy was a strong character who looked at things a lot more cynically than anyone and I'm glad that the person who made her that way, fixed her way of thinking and I'm so frickin' happy with the way that it all ended...To read the full review, please visit http://thebookscoop.com