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I Know It's Over - C.K. Kelly Martin This is my April read for the 2009 YA Reading Challenge over at J.Kaye's Book Blog. I've read a lot of good things about this book so I thought it would be a good thing to check out and I'm glad that I did because I ended up really enjoying this story.This story is about teenager named Nick and the shifts his life takes when he finds out that he got his ex-girlfriend Sasha pregnant. We're hearing this story from Nick's POV and as are most of the YA books that I read, this story was told in first person. It's a very emotional kind of book but I couldn't stop turning the pages. It's a very engaging story that makes you feel for the characters. Nick is your regular run of the mill teenager who is smacked in the face with a pregnant ex girlfriend.I really enjoyed this book.C.K. Kelly Martin tells the story of a young man who has a lot of decisions to make and who is trying to make the best out of a hard situation. This book was a lot more emotional than I thought it would be but that only added to the greatness that is this book. This book is definitely a book that I would recommend to anyone to read because it was really good. As a mother, it hit home for me as I'm going to be dealing with this kind of scary stuff in a few years when Brenna becomes a teenager and I just really enjoyed getting to know the characters in this story and not just Nick and Sasha. I enjoyed getting to know Nathan and read about his issues. This story tackles a lot of the issues that teens are facing these days and it really makes you sit up and think. For me, it hit home a little bit and I understood what both Sasha and Nick were going through and it was just really good.Read this book if you're into Young Adult books, it was definitely a page turner.Originally posted on Book Binge, http://thebookbinge.com by myself.