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Masquerade - Melissa  de la Cruz ...His relationship with Mimi gets in the way of my wanting him to get with Schuyler and while we're talking about him getting with Schuyler, did I miss something?Because, it hasn't been that long since he bumped into her at the club and though it feels like forever ago since he kissed her so passionately, I'm not getting how he's in love with her. I mean, that kind of felt forced and might be why I'm not totally sold on him and Schuyler yet. I can understand him being infatuated with her, being mighty intrigued by her and hell even in lust with her but love? I'm not seeing that. But as much as that stumped me, I hecka loved this book.My heart soared, my heart broke and I fell a little more in love with these characters. From Schuyler to Oliver (awww Ollie) to Bliss and Dylan. These guys totally rock my socks and I cannot wait for more from this series. I absolutely adore this series and could not pimp it out enough.It's a great story that will have you totally dying for more so pick this book up and read it already but start with Blue Bloods first.Trust me, you have to read these books!To read the full review, visit http://thebookscoop.com