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That One Night - Sarah Billington This was such a short, that it felt more like a chapter of a story but even still, I enjoyed it. It was a pretty damn good chapter.This short story follows Annie. Annie’s best friend Bree is having a birthday party of sorts and Annie goes. She’s pretty excited about seeing her best friend again because it’s been a while since they had any best friend time and she misses her. But Bree has gone to college and it becomes apparent that she’s pretty much moved on from her friendship with Annie. Annie spends most of the night hanging out by herself and drinking by herself because Bree looks pretty content to hang out with her college friends.Just when Annie thinks she can’t take anymore, she starts to head out and leave Bree behind once and for all but she ends up sticking around when she spills her drink on one of Bree’s college friends. His name is Skylar and Annie remembers his name from when Bree used to talk to her about her college life. He was the guy that Bree was in love with before she got with her boyfriend that she’s with now. After Annie spills her drink on Skylar, they embark on a night of adventure…and that’s exactly what it was. A one night adventure.Skylar is going to Japan in the morning and it’s his last night in town and he spends it with a stranger who knows someone he knows. And their night is filled with awesome and I liked it very much. I just wish that it was longer. That it was fleshed out more but for what it was, it was pretty great. I liked Skylar and I liked Annie so overall, this was a cute read.Grade: 3.5 out of 5This review was originally posted on Book Binge.