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The Duke's Night of Sin

The Duke's Night of Sin (Avon) - Kathryn Caskie This is the third book in the Seven Deadly Sins Series by Kathryn Caskie and it was pretty good. It's not my favorite of the three books but it was still a good addition to a series that is shaping up pretty nicely. Of the seven deadly Sinclairs, this book follows Suisan Sinclair as she journeys her way to her happy ending.Lady Suisan was one of the Sinclairs that I didn't really think too much on throughout the other books. She was there but she wasn't really on my radar but I did like her. Come to think about it, I like all of the Sinclairs...even the little sister that is such a jealous little shit. I will say that when this book starts and we start getting to know Suisan and her true nature, I was surprised because Suisan is a little fast thang. Especially to be living in those times...she sure did get down with her bad self.The story starts out with Suisan and the younger sister (goodness I forgot her name already) at a ball and the younger sister calling dibs on the new duke of Exeter. Suisan is feeling down and out because it's the anniversary of the death of her fiance, Simon and so being at a ball is getting to be a bit stuffy for her. She's not in the mood to be around people and she could give two shits about the new duke so she rushes out to find some fresh air and finds herself in a darkened library (haha) and when a gentleman interrupts her peace and quiet, mistaking her for a prostitute, she just sort of lets him have his way with her.Yeah, that's exactly what I thought. WTF? Seriously?After the deed is done, Suisan rushes from the room and the Duke realizes that the girl he just tumbled with in his libary was not the girl that he was supposed to meet but was in fact, a lady. A guest at his ball, in his home.And he feels like ten kinds of shits.He caught sight of her back as she's running from the library and because sex has never been like that for him, he wants to make things right. He wants to find her, apologize and try to smoothe things over. But how in the world is he going to do all of that if he doesn't know her name or even what her face looks like.Suisan, on the other hand realizes that she needs to get hell out of Dodge before the new duke comes out and finds her so she tells her brothers and sisters exactly what she did and they flee the scene.Talk about unity. There was no judging from her brothers and sisters, they just all up and left with a quickness that was admirable and that was probably my favorite thing about this family and this series. The united front that the Sinclair brothers and sisters show for everyone. It's not just for show. It's for real and it's too cute. I love that they all have each other's back no matter what the other has done.Suisan flees London and hides out in Bath, becoming a teacher at an all girl's school just until Exeter returns to his country estate after the season. Things were going remarkably well for her (or as well as the horse face head mistress would allow) until things weren't going well for her and it made for some interesting reading.Suisan is hiding from the man who shows up to check on his ward, who is a student at the school that Suisan is teaching at and she doesn't even know it. It is while he's checking up on his niece that Suisan and him fall in love. Their love story was slow to build but in the end, I was glad that I read this book. Both Sebastian and Suisan were not the most perfect of characters, each of them making a fair amount of mistakes before getting it right but alls well that ends well.I enjoyed reading their story and I enjoyed finding out who's book is next and I'm anxious for that story to come out already. I'm a fan of the Sinclair family and am always looking for more. If you're a fan of this series than you'll enjoy this book. It's a likable story about two people coming together in love and sticking it out when things get rough.