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Keeping Her by Cora Carmack

Keeping Her - Cora Carmack

This short story follows Garrick and Bliss from Losing It as they travel across the pond to meet Garrick’s parents. Bliss hasn’t ever been to England before and Garrick hasn’t been home in a while but they’re on their way to London so that Bliss can finally meet Garrick’s family and see the place where he grew up.If you remember Bliss from Losing It, then you won’t be surprised that she is completely nervous about meeting Garrick’s parents and her nervousness isn’t lost on Garrick, but he can’t do much about it outside of constantly reassuring her that everything will be fine because he’s just as nervous as she is.


His Mom is not an easy person to get to know and his father isn’t someone that he’s proud to be related to. While Bliss is worried that his parents are going to hate her, Garrick is worried that Bliss is going to hate them. And he can’t even blame her.I loved getting a small glimpse into Garrick and Bliss’ life after their story came to an end.


I loved getting to see where Garrick grew up, meeting his friends and even meeting his parents. It was nice to see Bliss interacting with these other people in Garrick’s life and seeing them grow together as a couple. It’s always nice to see characters that I’ve come to love again after I’ve finished their book and I thought Carmack did a great job with this novella. It was just what I needed to get me in the mood for reading Finding It and I’m completely anxious to dig right back into another book by Carmack.This was great novella that was cute, entertaining and just all over great. I definitely recommend.


Grade: 4.5 out of 5


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