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New Girl - Paige Harbison I went into this book, thinking that this was going to be some kind of contemporary YA story with a paranormal twist but I'm glad that this wasn't one of those kinds of stories. I don't think this story needed a paranormal twist to make it interesting. It was interesting without adding any of that into the mix.This story follows the new girl at Manderly. She comes into this new school and immediately is thrown in the shadow of the girl that she replaced. No matter where she goes at that school, Becca is everywhere. Everyone loved her, including the guy that you develop a serious crush on.I had to keep taking breaks when I read this book because I would get so flippin' pissed off at the injustices that these teens committed, day in and day out. They compared the new girl to Becca, who was like the Queen Bee and that dumb little shit Dana got on my hot damn nerves. I couldn't stand it. Even when the story of Becca starts to come together and you realize things, I still didn't like Dana. She was unnecessarily mean to the new girl and I hated the things she said and did to the new girl.My favorite and most frustrating part of this book was the relationship that blossomed between Callie and Max. There were times when I was so excited for Callie (the new girl) and times when I wanted to throw my arms around her and stop her from acting a straight fool. There were times a plenty that I wanted to smack some sense into Max. I thought they spent too much time not discussing what was bothering them and them not talking would lead to embarrassing outbursts. I had to keep reminding myself that they were teenagers and teenagers did stupid things like this. At the same time, I enjoyed both of them. I like Max and felt bad for him because of the sticky situation he was in because of Becca. I also liked getting to know Callie. She was the kind of girl that I would have been friends with in high school and I felt bad for her because she dealt with a lot of crap that she shouldn't have had to deal with.I will say that this was an interesting read. I wasn't bored at all while I was reading this story and though I had to put it down from time to time because I would get so frustrated but never once did I hate the book. I think Harbison did a great job of sucking me in and making me come to care for the characters in the story. I liked this book and am glad that I decided to read it.