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The Dark Highlander - Karen Marie Moning This book never fails to get me each and every single time. I am a die hard Dageus fan and he never ceases to get my reading juices flowing. He's such a compelling hero, one who cares about his loved ones and one of the most honorable heroes I've read before.This is the 5th Highlander book by Karen Marie Moning and one of the reasons why I'm pissed to high heaven that KMM won't be writing any Highlander books in the near future. It was these books that I absolutely adored and crave for more of and we're not getting any. *sigh* This book follows Drustan (from Kiss of the Highlander)'s twin brother, Dageus where he's hidden himself...in modern day Manhattan. The MacKeltars are a clan of Druids who can jump through time but they're not allowed to do so for personal gain. That all came to a head when Dageus did the dang thing to save his brother. Now that he broke the promise by going back in time, 13 evil spirits have taken residence inside him and every day that he is alive, they are swaying him to the evil side. Always there. Always tempting.But Dageus is hard at work trying to research ways to break the curse he's been placed on. Trying to save himself before he turns completely evil. He's researching old tomes from different museums and stealing the ones that he can't barter for and it is while he's bartering that he meets his heroine, Chloe.As much as I loved Dageus, I can't say the same about Chloe. I mean, Dageus was this over the top fantastic guy (very alpha and very yummy) and then you've got him paired up with bookish nerd girl, Chloe. I usually get a sense that two people are right for each other when reading these kinds of books but I didn't really get that while reading about these two. With other stories the characters have fantastic chemistry but I just didn't see it or feel it with Dageus and Chloe. Before, I never paid much attention to it because all of my focus and attention was on Dageus but this time around, I found Chloe lacking in a heroine. Not because she was this horrible, get on my nerves kind of heroine but because there wasn't much to remember about her. She isn't a memorable character. Nothing like Dageus.Overall, this book was great. It was a great read and Dageus is to thank in huge part to that. Him and the rest of the MacKeltars. They are such a compelling family that you can't help but want more and I loved, loved, loved the mentions and beginnings to Cian's story. Yum. This book is one of those books that you'll want to reread every chance you can and when you forget to read this book for some time, when you finally do you'll want to kick yourself in the butt for not having re-read this sooner. It's one of those books that will be on your list to re-read for Nath's Re-Read Challenge every year. Yes, it's that good so if you haven't read it already, fix that. Read this book but start with Kiss of the Highlander cause that book comes first.That is all.