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Wicked Delights of a Bridal Bed - Tracy Anne Warren I've been waiting a long time for this book to come out. Mallory is one of my favorite characters in this series and mostly because I saw her storyline unfolding in the background of the other books and man I couldn't wait to see what would happen. I had a feeling it would all lead up to this climatic happy ending for her and I was so anxious to get on with the story telling already.This was one of those friends to lovers to true loves stories and I ate it all up. My favorite thing about this story was that the crush wasn't the heroines on the hero but the hero's on the heroine. Oh man that was a juicy little tid bit. I loved seeing Adam show up at Braebourne and do everything he could to bring a smile to Mallory's face again.Mallory's fiance, Michael was killed in action and it's been a year since he died and she still can't get over it. She suffers from that survivor's guilt, the one where she can't bear the thought of forgetting Michael, of moving on while he lays in some grave somewhere and while it drove me bat shit crazy, I understood it. She was truly in love with Michael when they were together and grieving was only normal.There were plenty of times while reading this book that I fell a little more in love with Adam and watching the love he had for Mallory only made him more swoon worthy but as much as I loved him, there were times that I wanted to give him a good swift kick to the groin for being such a bonehead.His idiotic vow that he made Mallory make because of his jealousy? Yeah, I totally wanted to knee him in the ball sack because of that. His insane attitude toward the whole thing that made him jealous? Yeah, he needed to protect his family jewels because I wanted to kick him where it hurt but I got over all of that in the end because I adored Adam. He wasn't the perfect hero but he was still a great one. I never once doubted his love for Mallory and though Mallory wasn't the most perfect heroine herself, I still liked her. I thought she was great and the both of them together made for some fantastic reading.All in all, this was a great addition to the Byrons of Braebourne series and I am so very much looking forward to Drake's story. Over the course of the series, my love for Drake the scholar has grown by heaps and bounds. So much so that I'm anxiously awaiting his story.Historical fans will enjoy this story and while I feel you should read the other books in this series to thoroughly enjoy this book, I think the book stands great on its own. The characters were very engaging and the story moved along so well that I got this book read in no time at all. Warren did a great job of showing the friendship between Adam and Mallory and she did a wonderful job of penning their romance in a way that was believable and enjoyable. So would I recommend this book?Yep, totally.