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Unlocked - Courtney Milan This book was so short but that did nothing to hinder my enjoyment of this book. I freaking adored it and was surprised that I loved it as much as I did, considering it was only 110 pages. Courtney Milan packed a helluva punch in this short story and I literally ate it all up. I adored this book and thought it was too cute for words.This story follows Lord Evan Carlton as he comes back home from being abroad and growing into a man to make things right with the girl that he made the laughingstock of the ton. Evan has a great many things that he's sorry for and being an immature little shit is one of them. Lady Elaine Warren isn't a fan of Evan's and he can't blame her since the last time he saw her, she was the butt of his jokes and his friends went to great lengths (and to his chagrin, still do) to make her feel like an idiot in front of a crowd.Evan's time away has taught him how to be a better man and he hopes that Lady Elaine will forgive him...even though he'd understand if she never did. His cousin and long time friend is still the ton's resident mean girl and Evan has become ashamed of the woman that she still is. She continues to rag on Lady Elaine and he wants nothing to do with it. Evan goes through the hardships of trying to repair his friendship with Lady Elaine and the friendship that blossoms between the two of them was my favorite part of the story.I loved Evan, I loved that he realized what an ass he was and I adored how sorry he was. He was determined to make things better for Lady Elaine and I loved it. I really enjoyed that Milan didn't play what he did down in order to make Evan more likable because by showing us just how hurtful Evan was, it was easy for me to see just how sorry he really was. Everything he did to try to get back in Lady Elaine's good graces made me melt and the speech he gave in front of everyone and the things that he said to his cousin? SWOON! I loved it all.Lady Elaine had every right to hate Lord Carlton and his crowd. She was so strong to have put up with the snickers and the hurtful words thrown her way. She earned my respect each and every time she stood up to Lady Diana and for the fierce way she protected her mother. She didn't back down to anyone and with each passing page, I admired her more and more.The thing that I enjoyed most about this story was that even though it was such a short story, it didn't feel like it was. It also didn't suffer for having being such a short story. Milan did a wonderful job of sucking me into the story and not letting go. Though I didn't want the book to end, I wasn't left wanting more when I was finished. I was thoroughly entertained throughout the entire book and cannot wait for more from Courtney Milan.Kudos on a job well done, Mrs. Milan.