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Cryer's Cross - Lisa McMann When I received this book for review, I was over the moon because it was on my wish list and the blurb just totally sucked me right in. I knew that I was going to like it because it was perfect for the mood that I was in (my mood was very dark), I was pissed off about something and so losing myself into this book was the perfect remedy. It scared the crap out of me at the same time that it had me all excited to find out what was next.In the year of 2010, I found myself reading a lot of books that I wouldn't normally read and this was one of those books. This is also the first McMann book that I've ever read and it will definitely not be the last. I thought this book was filled to the brim with awesome. It had me gripped, at the edge of my seat and it was one of those stories that stayed with me after I put the book down. Before I finished the book, if I had to step away from the book, I was always itching to get right back and those are the kinds of reactions that I love having while I'm reading a book. It's the kind of reactions that makes me know for certain that I'm enjoying the heck out of the story.This book is set in a small town, Cryer's Cross that is just moving on from a kidnapping of one of their own, Tiffany, a teenage girl, who disappeared a few months ago and after they stopped searching for Tiffany and things started to go back to normal (or as normal as they can after something like that) when Nico Cruz, Kendall's best friend and in his eyes, boyfriend disappears. Kendall takes his disappearance hard because well, duh, he was her best friend and boyfriend and she loved the guy. Her entire life changed over night and while she had hope that he was still alive, every day that he stayed missing made Kendall all the more anxious to have him back.Just before Nico disappeared, a pair of siblings transferred from Arizona to Cryer's Cross and the brother, Jacian Obregon was not happy about it. He had a promising soccer scholarship that he was working toward but without knowing what the soccer situation was here in Cryer's Cross who had less people in the entire town than he had in his high school back in Arizona, it was not surprising that Jacian was a little pissed off at the world.What I liked about McMann's writing is that though Jacian was a right bastard to Kendall when we first meet him, I never hated him. I never thought he was annoying or anything, I just felt bad for him. I enjoyed getting to know both him and Kendall. I enjoyed getting to know their families and seeing Kendall work through her grief at Nico's disappearance. When things that happened to Nico start happening to her, it was so hard not to devour this book so that I could find out what was going to happen next.I was chomping at the bit most of the time that I was reading this book, the suspense nearly did me in with my rush to get this book read. I needed to know everything that was going to happen in this book and while I ended up enjoying the book, I felt that the ending was a bit rushed and the big climax was a bit forced but overall, I enjoyed the story, I enjoyed the characters and I really enjoyed the writing.This is a book that people are going to want to read and they're going to be happy that they read it. It was like watching a movie unfold right before your eyes and once it ends, you're going to have a smile on your face and you're going to want to read more from Lisa McMann so I'd definitely recommend this book to lovers of McMann's previous works and to people who are looking for something good and a little dark to read. This one fits the bill.This review was originally posted on The Book Scoop by Rowena.