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Review: Simple Perfection by Abbi Glines

Simple Perfection  - Abbi Glines

This story took me back to my reading of Fallen too Far…and I didn’t like this book anymore than I did that book. There’s a huge thing that happened in this book that pissed me off because I don’t feel that it was necessary at all to jump start yet another spin off from this series. Will I continue to read these books? Any of them, really?




This book has guaranteed that I won’t pick up another book from this series or any of the spin offs. Sorry Grant. Sorry Tripp. I can’t willingly go into another one of these books without wanting to rip someone’s head off so I think it’s best to stay away from them.


I didn’t recognize Woods in this book. He was so suffocating and I hated that Della let him get away with coddling her the way that he did. The constantly wanting her by his side, just to sit around and do nothing all day so he can look at her or have sex with her in his office if he wanted to? Yeah, pukey. After that stopped pissing me off, other things started to piss me off so much that I kept having to put this one down until finally I couldn’t take it anymore. I’m just done.


Sea Breeze, you’re it for me. Don’t let me down.

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